About us

The EduVenture Group of Companies has been operating care and educational centres for preschoolers since 1997. With its own team of research and development professionals, the well researched ECOKIDD system was developed to provide our children with an integrated holistic curricula to develop and nature them physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and artistically – so that each and every child can be cofident, smart, enjoy a distinct difference in their learning process and having the love to learn. We recognise our parents' needs and expectations for qualitative formative year care and as such have established a premium level of service to ensure maximum satisfaction.

We are also planning to establish care service for the elderly in view of the increasing sliver-haired generation within the next decade and in anticipation of demand outstripping supply. The Group is already socially proactive – constantly involving our children and parents to participate in community activities, compassionate
programmes and charitable acts.

Our Group's investment arm also develop high-end quality
residential properties that are eco-friednly and serene for
families to stay in.

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