ECOKIDD Edu-System is designed to facilitate a child's learning and development through an integrated and holistic curricula.

Knowledge, new experiences and skills are progressively introduced to work hand-in-hand with good habitual practices to aid a child to be confident, smart and having the love for learning. It is then, and only when a child has these attributes that he is ready to learn and excel.


An ECOKIDD child will experience and enjoy holistic child-centered approach in:


 Oral & Writing Skills    Literacy and Numeracy Skills
 Aesthetics and Creative Expression  Refined Motor Skills
 Self, Social and Environmental Awareness  Individual Child Progress Monitoring System
 Aided by Well Qualified and Trained Mentors  Well Equipped Learning Tools and Facilities
 Logic and Reasoning Skills  Global Thematic Role-Play
 Eco-Geological & Science Appreciation,  Star Stage Experience.

Young children are explorers – they learn best from Exploration, Experimentation and Deduction.


Many specialists and professional advocates in early childhood development-related field have poured millions of hours into the study of how best to give young children a happy and meaningful start-up in life.


We at EduVenture have naturally taken these findings seriously and went on to extend continuing research along with time and environment changes. Drawing from the best schools of thoughts, models and our vast experience in providing early childhood services for many years, our R&D teams plan, direct and implement our unique approach to deliver quality care and programmes to our clients.


Young Children learn differently from adults – they must learn to trust their senses and relate to them.


Children's full time occupation is "play" and they too learn best with play. Our curriculum and activities precisely cover deliberate play that will take children on a life-long journey to experience, make sense and learn meaningfully. From concrete, pictorial to abstract, our children make sense of numeracy concepts and the science of things around them. With the combined learning centres, materials and well-trained teachers, we ensure every of our student never a dull moment.


Premium Environment


Each centre offers wide selection of quality indoor & outdoor learning equipment, providing premium level of care, safety and comfortable learning & living environment.


Ecokidd Childcare @ Springside
1 Springside Avenue
Singapore 787013
Tel: 6451 5355

Ecokidd Kindergarten &
Childcare @ Tebrau

22 Jalan Badik
Taman Sri Tebrau
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +6 07 338 3030



Quality Assurance and Accreditation

All Singapore Centres are MOE and MSF Licensed and Approved Institutions
BizSAFE3 Awarded by
Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Promising SME 500 2013
Healthy Eating in Childcare Centres Award,
Awarded by Health Promotion Board,
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